Monday, 28 February 2011

Gaddafi Special...

So Colonel Gaddafi hey?
Sound to me like he’s not doing his fair share for his country.
He thinks the PROTESTING people in his country are not protesting against him… I mean what’s up with that? Can he not see what they are protesting?
To be honest with you I think that he is more like Colonel Gaddaffy Duck!

Basically the Libyans have had enough of his wacky ways and want him out! And his response to that… Bomb them! Way to win over the people huh?
They have even had to cancel the Gran Prix because of the Protests, I am not a formula one fan myself but that must get on peoples nerves. Can he not tell when people are giving up on him? His KEY officials are ‘Jumping ship’, even the embassies in London have replaced the Libyan National flag with the pre-Gaddafi era flag. To me that would scream ‘Get out of there!’ if Gaddafi does not stop this madness soon then he will just be left with a barren of a country and no people to be in it.
This is not really what I would usually do but I saw some more of this on the news today and it really touched me.
I guess the moral of this is treat people how you would like to be treated yourself.
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  1. And it's taken this long for the rest of the world to look at his scheme and to try remove him from power..