Friday, 4 March 2011


so i am going to presume you guys are all like WTF? spoons? is this guy for real? well yeah i am :D
but i'm not talking about the spoons you eat cereal with or stir tea/coffee with (although they are involved with the game)
the rules

1) you are only allowed 4 cards in you hand
2)when you have a set of cards eg. KKKK or AAAA etc then you must grab a spoon from the middle.
3)the spoons have to be in the middle of the players like this
so basically what happens is you need 3 or more players for tis game, and you have one less spoon than the number of players (3 players = 2 spoons k?)
each player gets 4 card, and the dealer has the rest of the pack to the right of him/her.
to start the game the dealer must pick up a card and put an unwanted card down, to the left, thus keeping only 4 cards, the dealer keeps doing this to make the cards continuously go round the table/floor/where ever you are playing. the person to the left of the dealer then picks up the 1 card as soon as the dealer puts it down, then they put an unwanted card down, always keeping 4 in their hand. each player replicates this for the people next to them, always picking up from the right and putting down on the left.
when the deck of cards run out the last person will have created a sufficient stack of cards for the dealer to start picking them up.
when a person picks up 4 of the same card (KKKK,AAAA,JJJJ,QQQQ,10101010,9999,8888,7777,6666,5555,4444,3333,2222) then they have to grab a spoon from the middle of the table, they can do it slyly so people don't notice or rapid to create a mad rush, either way its good not to be the looser.

to replay the next dealer is the person to the left of the former dealer and they shuffle and deal the cards.

thanks for reading :D


  1. I will try this tonight with some friends, thx bro

  2. i'm wondering if i can somehow make this a drinking game hmmmm...

  3. Sounds like a cool game. Hanging out with some friends later. Might try it there.

  4. BTW this gets a lot more dangerous (and fun) if you do it with forks, just saying :D

  5. I've never heard of this game before, it sounds interesting!

  6. I doubt this really works :) lol

  7. a strange way to play poker lol

  8. haha, yeah really strange game :D

  9. a bit strange, but sounds like a lot of fun